Whole Foods

Raw Lasagna
An uncooked dish of marinated zucchini for pasta, marinated mushrooms for meat, tomato sauce for tomato sauce, nut cheese for ricotta

Raw Nachos

Flax seed chips, Fresh Pico De Gallo, Avocados, Almond Nacho Cheese, Pickled Jalapenos, Soy Yogurt-Sour cream

Raw Crackers
Sprouted lentils, sprouted sesame seeds, sprouted flax seeds, nut butter, kale, carrots, celery, onion served with honey and avocado butter

Sprouted Salad
Sprouted adzuki beans, mung beans, sprouted lentils, black kale, cherry tomatoes, raw almonds and a nice thyme and shallot vinaigrette

Raw Stir Fried Vegetables
Zucchini, mushrooms, bean sprouts, broccoli, snap peas, and cabbage with a sesame soy dressing.

Raw Hummus
Blended sesame, garbanzo beans, garlic and lemon juice to make a nice hummus for your flax crackers

Raw Pepper and Pecan dip

Blended peppers and pecans with a hint of basil and garlic