Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup
Wild mushrooms and shallots sautéed in brown butter, then reduced in vegetable stock and heavy cream.  Then blended smooth and served with crispy mushroom bits

Roasted Chicken
with sage leaves under the skin.  Sweet and savory brined then roasted in the oven.  Served with roasted parsnips carrots and potatoes

Roasted Chicken
with thyme rosemary lavender
Crispy skin, moist chicken, flavorful herbs rubbed throughout

Ribeye Steak with Coriander and Peppercorn rub
Steak pan seared with a coriander and peppercorn crust.  Grilled Asparagus and Roasted Potatoes

Shallot and Thyme Tri-Tip Braise
Tri-Tip braised in a shallot thyme stock till melt in your mouth tender

Creamy Grits cooked in brown butter and finished in cream.  Served with cheese curd