Catering Socials

     Have a dinner party you would like to do at your home?  Want a brunch for your Bridge club?  Just a bit too busy from work to cook a meal yourself?  Maybe some Hors D'ouevres for your friends...I mean children's birthday party?  Having a bachelorette party and want a cooking class?  Take a look at the dishes I offer, and make your event happen.  I know you have many things to take care of, so let me be the one who takes care of you.  No need for the bland everyday meals that you are used to, let my food expand your palate's pallet.  Let's stop eating what's lacking, and let's eat good food. 

  What I offer here is only a sampling of the dishes we could do, but I believe there is enough here to wet your whistle with different flavors.  As many different types of dishes I'm ready to provide you, we will keep the menu to a certain region instead of fusing too many ethnic dishes together.  We want some type of cohesion with our meal.  No Chinese Tacos here.

I'm located in the beautiful city of Monrovia just a couple miles east of Pasadena.  I travel all over the Los Angeles area for these events.  Live far far away? Contact me anyways and let's work it out.  Need a place to host the party? I've got a quaint little house with a beautiful garden to use also. 

Interested? Contact Me 


    Local, farm fresh, sustainable, organic, heirloom, non-gmo, pesticide free, no preservatives, natural, humane, free range, grass fed, hormone free, farmed, line caught, wild, recycle, carbon footprint, ecological, green and...

   Are you confused and ready to give up yet?  What does it all mean?  When people tell you to do your part, what is your part? It can all be so overwhelming, but I want to show you that it doesn't have to be.  It's not about eating "like a hippie", but making better choices.  I'm not here to tell you that you must buy organic only, or from Wholefoods or Gelson' or Bristol Farms.  It's more about what CAN you do?  What is a plausible choice for you in how you eat your food.  While you enjoy your meal, we can talk and chat about all things related to food.  Want to know more, but have no idea what is going on with your food?  Then let's have a chat!

   With this resurgence of green in this continent,  it gives all of us an excuse to make better choices.  Did you see the greenest car in America being a large,heavy, Chevy Tahoe that gets a whopping 21 mpg?  Come on!  It just shows, the general public is being misled.  I would love to see all of us buying only organic, and local, but not all of us can accomplish that.  Let's work with what we have, and make food that we can feel good about.  I hope to give you a little knowledge about this food culture that we see and hear of today.  I hope to see you become informed and pleased with how you have your relationship with food.  No need to get divorced from your true love because you had a spat over the tough chicken on Wednesday, or the dry steak on Friday. 
   MacBurgerDonaldKings does not come except to steal your money, and to kill your taste buds, and to destroy your body.  I have come so that you may have true food, and have it more abundantly. 

   Food is important to all people, no matter where you are from or where you are at.  I think we have all just forgot about this, as our box of cheez-it(whatzit?) get's polished off.