My Market has a first name. It's JER-EMY

Cooking, v.|’koŏki ng |2. a. To prepare or make ready (food); to make fit for eating by due application of heat or combining of items.

/Market, n. |mər’kädō|1. a. A regular meeting or gathering together of people for the obtaining of provisions or livestock, publicly displayed, at a fixed time and place.

    Combine the two together, and you get what I'm all about.  Bringing food from the market, to your house, to your event, to your work, to create a meal.  These meals are important times for you and your family, or you and your friends, so let's make it something special!

    My name is Jeremy Mercado and I am your personal chef. I am here to prepare you for something that will significantly increase your enjoyment of life.  I will bring the local or farmer's market to your table, where we can get engulfed in everything related to that which is food.  You know, that thing that gives you a smile as soon as you sink your teeth into it?  You know, the stuff you eat when you celebrate almost anything in your life?  Food.   I love seeing people get more involved with their food in some way or the other, and I want to be that person that helps you do that.  Instead of being in that dark restaurant or the fake pub you regular, why not eat a real meal at your own home?  Whether it be a lunch or dinner party or a class to teach you and yours how to make real, homemade meals, cookingmercado is here to make your time at the table a joy

Check out my map on my contact page.  See where I have traveled to for these get together's.